Let's talk about TV programs

This activity was designed for a conversation class. Students share their opinions about TV programs. This is a topic that suits different age groups as they always have something to say about it.
1. Pair work: Students discuss the questions.
2. Individual work: Students complete their lists.
3. Groups of 3: Students compare their lists and jot down new ideas they get from their partners.
4. Pair work: Different partners - Students answer the questions about the comic strip.
5. Whole group share: Have a class discussion.




  1. Hi! I've just found your blog and I can't stop reading your posts! I'll certainly use this activity tomorrow, in a private class. I also have a blog, called English in Brazil, where I post interviews, articles and activities. I'll share your blog on my blog's Facebook page, so that other teachers can see your great activities.

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  2. Hi Carina. I'm really happy that you're using the activities. After all, that's why I created this blog. Thanks for sharing my blog on your FB.

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    1. Hi Vijay, keep on practicing your English.

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